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Our attorneys won’t hesitate to go the distance. We do not settle if we believe your case is worth more. If you want to recover maximum compensation, you’ve come to the right firm.

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Trusted attorneys diligently helping clients throughout Southern California with employment law issues since 2007

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Our team of experienced trial attorneys has represented employees in state and federal courts at both trial and appellate levels. We have the litigation experience you can count on to effectively represent you in any legal setting.

Aggressive, Fierce Advocacy

Both inside and outside of the courtroom, our employment law attorneys have established an aggressive and fierce reputation. We will fight to protect your rights against even the most formidable opponents — and defense attorneys know this.

Honest, Clear Advice

At Moon Law Group, PC our firm, we give honest answers, honest assessments. We set realistic expectations about your case and remedies available, and work toward finding the best solution with maximum recovery.

Personalized, Responsive Service

Hiring us means that you receive one-on-one personal attention during every stage of your case — guaranteed. You can always rely on our team to keep you informed about your case and respond to your inquiries.

Successful Monetary Recoveries

Our experience, skill and unwavering commitment to our clients have allowed us to recover significant settlements and verdicts for employees involved in a wide range of employment law matters.

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Wage & Hour

& Hour

Wage & Hour


Wage & Hour


Wage & Hour


Wage & Hour


Zealous Advocates For Southern California Employees

At Moon Law Group, PC, our legal team consists of several lawyers who have diverse backgrounds, extensive experience, and a depth of knowledge. Our reputation and experience has earned us the trust of our peers in the legal community, as many of our cases are referred to us by fellow attorneys who trust us with complex employment litigation. Many of our clients refer us to their friends and family, a testament to our history of successful advocacy.

The majority of our practice is dedicated to wage and hour disputes. In many cases employers will wrongfully withhold pay or pay you less than what you are entitled to. We will aggressively pursue your case, either at the negotiation table or at trial. With our help, we can level the playing field between you and your employer and give you the fair chance that you deserve.

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