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Workplace harassment may be subtle

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Firm News |

Regardless of where you work, you should not have to put up with harassment. After all, succeeding in the workplace is hard enough. Still, with as many as 54% of women reporting that they have faced harassment at work, you may eventually have to deal with it.

While some types of workplace harassment are easy to identify, others are more subtle. You must understand, though, that subtle harassment is still harassment. As such, it is unacceptable in the modern workplace. Here are a few types of harassment that may not be so easy to identify.


Off-color jokes have no place at work. Nonetheless, your managers or coworkers may try to disguise harassment as merely a joke. Alternatively, they may make you appear to be in the wrong by telling you that you are incapable of handling gentle ribbing. Either way, repeated jokes that make you feel uncomfortable should be off-limits.


Not everyone uses polite language at all times. On the contrary, your colleagues may occasionally spout a four-letter word or two. Some curse words, though, are sexually demeaning. If those with whom you work use these words, you may be the target of workplace harassment.


You may be able to perform your job duties incredibly well. If your manager uses your gender to change what you do, you may be the target of workplace discrimination. Furthermore, changing your job duties may also be a form of harassment. For example, your boss may ask you to work closer to him or her for no apparent reason.

Sexual harassment is insidious, as it makes it difficult to do your job. It may also make you feel terrible about yourself and your future career prospects. If you are the target of workplace harassment, you may need to act quickly to protect yourself. By watching for even subtle signs of harassment, you can know when to lodge a complaint.