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You Don’t Have To Fight Sexual Harassment Alone

Workplace sexual harassment is demeaning, upsetting and incredibly stressful. You may not know where to turn and find support after experiencing workplace harassment. However, it’s important to know that:

  • Harassment is never acceptable
  • You have rights
  • You are not alone

At Moon Law Group, PC, our sexual harassment lawyers are ready to help you obtain justice and compensation if you’ve been the target of workplace harassment. Dedicated, skilled and tenacious, we can help you identify your best options for seeking justice and help you pursue all available legal remedies.

What Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment at work comes in many forms. It may involve:

  • Physical contact
  • Verbal statements
  • Lewd gestures
  • Electronic communications
  • The display of offensive images

What these forms of sexual harassment have in common, however, is that they are unwanted and unwelcome by the victim.

How Our Firm Can Help You

The attorneys at Moon Law Group, PC, can work to help you if you have experienced any form of workplace sexual harassment. Whether you recently experienced one incident of harassment or you have been suffering in a hostile work environment for months or years, we can assist you with:

Reporting: It is crucial to establish a record of harassment by reporting incidents to your employer. We can help you navigate your employer’s grievance system and make timely, comprehensive reports.

Filing deadlines: There are strict timelines to pursuing workplace harassment claims. We know the relevant deadlines to meet and can take action as quickly as possible.

Retaliation: If your employer or superiors demote, fire or otherwise retaliate against you for reporting workplace sexual harassment, we can help you file another claim against them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Our clients tend to have some common questions, such as:

What obligations does an employer have to prevent sexual harassment?

Employers have legal and ethical obligations to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers should have clear and comprehensive anti-sexual harassment policies in place. These policies should define unacceptable behavior, provide reporting procedures, and outline the consequences of harassment. If a complaint is filed, employers must promptly and impartially investigate allegations of sexual harassment. This includes taking appropriate disciplinary action if harassment is substantiated.

Who are the liable parties when workplace sexual harassment takes place?

The individual harasser may be liable, but so may your employer. Your employer is generally responsible for harassment by customers, clients, vendors and other nonemployees, as well as other employees, team leaders and supervisors if the employer either knew or should have known that the sexual harassment was happening and failed to take the necessary corrective action.

What are the challenges in a sexual harassment lawsuit?

Every situation is different, so it depends on the unique circumstances of your case. Sexual harassment cases often center on the credibility of victims and others involved in the situation, especially when there is a lack of evidence through emails, text messages, witness statements and other proofs. Establishing knowledge on the part of the employer can also sometimes be challenging. Another challenge lies in proving that the conduct was objectively offensive and actual sexual harassment.

Is there a statute of limitations for filing a sexual harassment lawsuit?

California law is more employee-friendly than federal law. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) gives you just 180 days to file a complaint from the most recent date of harassment, while state law gives you three years to file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and obtain a “right to sue” letter. An attorney can help make sure that you do not run afoul of the statute of limitations with your claim.

Get Help Fighting Workplace Harassment

If you have been sexually harassed at work, contact Moon Law Group, PC, to schedule a consultation where you can discuss your situation with a lawyer. Our team is ready to protect your rights aggressively. To make a consultation, call our Los Angeles office at 213-320-0519 or send us an email.