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Last updated on June 23, 2023

Wage and hour violations are as frustrating for employees as they are financially costly. While some employers commit wage and hour violations because they do not understand the law, others do so to maximize their own profits. Regardless of the cause, they are still illegal.

Employees have legal options for fighting back when they’ve been the target of these violations. At Moon Law Group, PC, our Los Angeles employment lawyers protect employees’ rights and help them obtain justice after employers commit wage and hour violations. As fierce advocates and experienced litigators, our attorneys are ready to help you identify your best options for holding an employer accountable and pursue all available legal remedies to maximize your financial recovery.

How Employers Commit Wage And Hour Violations

Workplace wage and hour violations appear in many forms. Major examples of these violations include:

  • Failing to pay minimum wage, wages specified in an employment contract or a prevailing wage
  • Failing to pay commissions or taking illegal deductions from employees’ gratuities
  • Failing to pay overtime or double time as legally required
  • Forcing employees to work through their rest breaks or meal breaks
  • Failing to provide nursing mothers with breaks to express breast milk
  • Refusing or failing to reimburse workers for job-related expenses that should be covered by the employer

While it is less obvious than the violations above, it is also common for employers to misclassify their employees, either by calling them independent contractors or claiming that they are “exempt” when they are actually nonexempt. In both cases, misclassified workers lose out on important financial resources, job protections and benefits.

Retaliation Is Also Against The Law.

Retaliating against employees who report wage and hour violations is illegal. If you were demoted, laid off or fired because you reported a labor violation as a whistleblower, you deserve justice. We can help you hold the parties who demoted you accountable and fight for compensation for your damages.

Act Quickly To Get Experienced Help

The state of California provides two to four years for employees to file wage and hour claims. If you do not meet these deadlines, you may not obtain financial compensation. Our attorneys at Moon Law Group, PC can ensure that you meet these deadlines. To schedule your free, confidential consultation at our Los Angeles office, call us at 213-320-0519, or send us an email.