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Do You Get The Meal And Rest Periods That You Earn?

Last updated on November 26, 2020

Many employees do not realize that their employers owe them meal periods and rest periods for a certain amount of work. Any employer that does not provide these legally mandated periods is breaking the law.

The employment law attorneys at Moon Law Group, PC, work with employees in the Los Angeles area who are not receiving the breaks they deserve. Not only are you entitled to meal and rest periods, but also financial compensation for your employer’s labor violation. With our advocacy, we can help you recover compensation for your damages and obtain adequate break periods for you and your co-workers.

Your Employer May Have To Pay You For Meal And Rest Breaks

Typically, employers do not have to compensate workers for meal and rest periods. However, if the employee has to work or the employer interrupts them during these periods, then the employer must compensate the employee. Not only is the employee entitled to wages for the time worked during this meal period, but the employee is also entitled to an additional hour of wages for the violation of wage and hour laws.

What Are California’s Laws On Meal Periods And Rest Periods?

California employees are entitled to a 30-minute, duty-free meal period for every five hours worked. If the employee works 10 hours, that employee is entitled to two separate meal periods.

California employees also get a 10-minute, duty-free rest period for every four hours worked. If the employee works eight hours, that employee must have two separate rest periods.

For every day that a meal period or rest period violation occurs, the employer owes the employee an hour of pay. For example, if a meal period violation occurs 365 days in a single year, multiply the employee’s hourly wage by 365 to determine one year’s damages for meal period violations.

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