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Fighting To Protect The Rights Of Whistleblowers

Last updated on November 26, 2020

Whistleblowers are people who take a stand to expose and report an employer’s illegal actions. At Moon Law Group, PC, our Los Angeles lawyers are committed to helping whistleblowers protect their rights as they navigate the path to justice.

We have a deep understanding of whistleblower laws, the challenges that can arise in these cases and how to successfully overcome those challenges so that our clients can secure the recoveries — and justice — they deserve.

Understanding Whistleblower And Qui Tam Claims

Whistleblower cases can pertain to many issues or wrongdoings by an employer. Many cases involve violations of:

Qui tam cases are a specific type of whistleblower case alleging that an employer has violated the False Claims Act by:

  • Submitting a fraudulent claim to a government agency – Medicare fraud is a common example.
  • Committing any fraud with respect to government funds – Pertaining to both money owed to the government and funds the government has paid out, examples include tax fraud and government contract fraud.

When qui tam cases result in the government recovering funds, whistleblowers may receive up to 30 percent of the monies recovered.

What Is Retaliation? How Do I Know If I Experience It?

People who become whistleblowers have the right to freedom from retaliation. This means that if you blow the whistle on your employer’s unlawful activity, your employer, supervisors and colleagues may not:

  • Fire, lay off or demote you as a penalty
  • Reassign you to objectionable or risky job duties
  • Pass you over for promotions
  • Reduce your pay, benefits or work hours
  • Give negative performance reviews in the absence of job-related performance issues

Additionally, it’s illegal for employers to have policies that prohibit or deter people from blowing the whistle on their misconduct.

Find Out Your Options For Blowing The Whistle On A Business

If you are ready to report an employer’s illegal actions, you can turn to Moon Law Group, PC. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing whistleblowers. Contact us today to find out more about your legal options.

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