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Month: May 2020

A wrongful termination could lead to a discrimination claim

Employees who have lost their jobs unexpectedly may file a legal action against a former employer over a wrongful termination. Although a firing may seem like a "wrongful" act to a terminated employee, many individuals could have a misconception regarding how the...

Retaliation, termination common among sexual harassment victims

When you experience sexual harassment at work it may do more than impact your productivity. It may also lead to emotional or mental health issues. If you speak out about it, it may even result in retaliation or termination.  According to the Mercury News, a large...

XFL suspension leads to wrongful termination lawsuit

Oftentimes the question of term of employment is open-ended due to many such agreements not being contractual. However, there are still scenarios (and certain positions) where it is advantageous for all parties involved to detail an employment agreement in a written...