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Helping You Get Justice For Racial Discrimination

You deserve to work in a place where you feel part of the team. Despite numerous advancements in our society, the effects of racial inequality can still be felt in the United States. If you’re facing racial or ethnic discrimination at work, you shouldn’t be afraid to come forward and fight for the treatment you deserve.

The legal team at Moon Law Group, PC, is ready to help you. Our employment attorneys are persistent, attentive and aggressive advocates who will fight both in and out of court for you. Workplace discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated, and we’re committed to helping clients prove their claims and pursue the compensation they deserve.

Proving Your Case And Fighting For Your Rights

Unfortunately, proving racial discrimination has happened at work can be difficult. To prove you were discriminated against at work in California, you may need to prove several things, including:

  • You were or are an employee of the workplace you are accusing
  • You experienced harassment or unfair treatment that affected you
  • The harassment you experienced was due to your race or ethnicity
  • A reasonable person would have been able to discern that the actions were inappropriate or harmful
  • A supervisor was aware of the discriminatory actions and did nothing to stop it

Depending on your situation, your case may involve other important details. We can help you determine what evidence is important to your case and what you may need to prove.

Regardless of whether you’ve hired an attorney yet, keep a record of the discriminatory acts and if possible, keep any incriminating emails, photographs or videos that show evidence of the harassment. If you’re keeping a written record of the discrimination, write the date and time of each incident along with a detailed description of what happened. If other people were present, include them in the description because they could potentially provide key testimony during an investigation.

Ultimately, it’s important to find an attorney you trust to handle your case. With a legal team of experienced advocates, Moon Law Group, PC, can provide knowledgeable guidance and personalized representation to help you fight injustice.

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