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Attorneys Holding Businesses Accountable For Unreimbursed Employee Expenses

Most jobs require employees to have at least some tools, equipment, uniforms and other “gear.” In most cases, if employees had to personally pay for these items or services, they are entitled to reimbursement under California’s labor laws. The reason for having a reimbursement law is simple but important: To prevent unscrupulous employers from shifting operational costs to their workers.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often. If it has happened to you, contact our experienced attorneys at Moon Law Group, PC to discuss your rights and legal options. We utilize our in-depth legal knowledge and courtroom skill to help clients hold employers and former employers accountable for violating wage and hour laws, including failure to reimburse necessary expenses.

Examples Of Expenses That Should Typically Be Reimbursed

Here are some of the things that employees should be reimbursed for, according to California Labor Code 2802:

  • Cellphones and cellphone plans – When you regularly need to make calls and texts for work or to use these devices to clock in and out of work.
  • Home office supplies and services – If you work remotely from home, you may be entitled to reimbursement for computer equipment, internet services, office supplies and other essentials needed to do your job.
  • Automobile-related expenses – For work-required travel other than commuting. This could include necessary travel between job sites, running errands for your manager while on the clock or traveling to meet clients. You might seek reimbursement for gas, mileage, car rental, parking and more.
  • Travel-related expenses – Airfare, taxi and Uber/Lyft fares and other public transportation expenses when required to travel for work.
  • Uniforms – When a job requires a specific uniform or set of uniforms, they should be provided by your employer. If you had to pay out of pocket, you could seek reimbursement for those expenses.
  • Necessary tools: Construction workers should not have to provide their own power tools, nor should other workers who need specialized tools or equipment.

Keeping receipts and other expense records is important, and you should submit expense reports according to your employer’s policies. However, you are still likely entitled to reimbursement even if your employer says you failed to follow proper procedure.

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